Another Exhibition

Excited to hear that a set of my fashion images will be exhibited as part of an international art exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey.

The images will form part of The Gift Project exhibition from 3rd to 20th April. Artists from New Zealand, USA, Brazil, Istanbul and the UK have been invited to exhibit new work.

The fashion story was a collaboration with Miss Kiki Salon and was the Diary of a Lost Girl shoot. You can see the images in the video below.

New range of high quality cards, notelets and for Christmas

New range of high quality cards, notelets and for Christmas.

10p from every card sold will go to help people like Henry via Shelter. I met Henry on Sunday at Liverpool Street Station, when he asked for some change. We swapped £2 for a photograph.

He naturally smiled when I took the image, its reproduced here. He was a nice guy and I cannot but think how lucky I am not to be in his position.

Go to the store to buy:

A Teesside University’s first experience of a high fashion shoot - by guest blogger Lilly Hewes

Lilly Hewes is a fashion student at Teesside University. I am very happy to be involved with the great work of the university which I have actively supported for several years. When Rob Burton, Principal Lecturer in Design, asked if I could take a student to experience a fashion shoot, I was delighted to yes. From my point of view it was helpful, Lilly had to hold various reflectors over the day plus helped by listening to the ideas that I had and gave supporting comments or expressed her ideas to improve the concepts.

The shoot is not yet published, so we cannot show you the completed image set, however it is superb.

Lilly was fortunate to experience the A Team; I have worked with Michelle Court and Kristina Guberman for four years and they are superb team members, we always produce stunning images

The post below is Lilly’s feelings about the day and her selection of images, which Lilly shot on my spare camera. I was also impressed by the fact that Lilly funded the trip herself, I feel that this illustrates her commitment to her future in the fashion industry. Best wishes for your future Lilly.


On the 24th of May I travelled down to London to
gain some real experience on a fashion photo shoot, working alongside
photographer Robert Bedson, hair and make-up artists Elle Mortimer and Michelle
, stylist Alexandra Greenhill, model Kristina Guberman and working with
garments by designer Miss Kiki Salon.
The location booked was a converted Victorian warehouse apartment at Limehouse
Cut, situated just outside of Canary Wharf, London. Working to the theme of
domesticity, this was a great place to shoot these particular designs as it
created a contrast between modern domestic products and the unique 60’s style
dress sense that’s expressed through out the range of garments we shot. The concept developed from normality to the edge of madness drawing upon themes from films, The Shining and Metropolis and photographer Helmut Newton.

What went well…

The overall day went really well, as we got to shoot the sets
that Robert wanted to do and got some fabulous pictures, thanks to a very
expressive model. The theme was clear from previous research and planning
beforehand, meaning that when it came down to the different aspects that needed
attending to through out the shoot (hair/make-up/styling) everyone knew what
they were working too, Making the whole process successful and everyone working
great as a team. The location was perfect and was full of great props that
brought the theme together and the natural light worked in our favour when it
came to some close up shots towards the end of the shoot.

What knowledge I have gained…

Throughout the day Robert gave me the opportunity to use a
professional camera to take some shots for myself to see how it works in a real
situation. Something I never took into consideration at college is that the
weather effects everything in a shot including the mood, colours and intention
of the photograph and getting your angles right can make or break your selected
photos. For example if the models over-all structure seems parallel then your
camera should reflect that rather than going vertical and on an angle, which
doesn’t work as well on the eye and is most likely not to be picked to feature
in advertisements. It was really interesting to see first-hand airbrushing of
foundation technique used by Michelle Court, rather than applying foundation
via a brush. It gives a new level of contour and coverage resulting in less
editing at post-production.

How useful was this to my degree…

Having never been involved in a professional photo shoot
before, I found the experience insightful and very motivating. It gave me a
good look into how professionals conduct themselves in the business today.  The photo shoot also helped to raise
self-confidence in my own abilities; I have a good idea of what will be expected
of me in the future. The skills that I gained from this shoot I can apply to
any projects that relate in my final 2 years at university.

A look back at May

A very busy month, lots going on.

we shot fashion in the wilds of the Pennines with a great team

Kiran Mal MUA

Hannah from Alan Sharman Agency as model

Two assistants from Blackburn University on work experience

Brandon Donnelly and Sarah Nicholson, best wishes to them for their future

Unfortunately the weather was very sunny, so we were unable to shoot the original concepts, but we did shoot some spreads for Daisy Street, a a niche designer and outlet in London. We did shoot the evening dresses too. The images will  be posted soon.

Liberty London , a major client wanted images for their catalogues, a busy week shooting and coupled with the huge numbers of images required meant we were working at virtual capacity over much of May. We did it though and delivered on time.

There were many smaller shoots over the month too.

One new relationship was crowned with a fantastic shoot with the designs from Miss Kiki Salon. We shot in London at Limehouse in a fantastic apartment, the theme was “Domesticity - at the edge of reason”. A fantastic team assembled and the resulting images are incredible, soon to be published. The tea:

Kristina Guberman - the model, fantastic as always

Michelle Court - MUA

Elle Mortimer - Hair

Alexandra Greenhill - Stylist

Lily Hewes - fashion student on work experience Teesside University

At the end of the month we were invited on the VIP guest list for the graduation fine arts show at Teesside, where we met my favourite clown for a favourite file Brassed Off, Stephen Tompkinson. Some great work on display and very articulate students.

Here are some of the behind the scenes images taken by Lily Hewes of the Domesticity - at the edge of reason shoot.

Amazing Few Days

So much going on.

Met with a fantastic designer who’s collection I will photograph in London in May, booked an amazing model (Kristina Guberman, above, who is so expressive, a real favourite of mine) and MUA (Michelle Court), the location is a Victorian Warehouse apartment.

Invited to exhibit at two exhibitions, in London and Middlesbrough.

New website, this one, all love it! Including me.

Booked a fantastic model for my Pennines Mountains shoot next month, working on concepts right now.

Busy arranging a 1920’s shoot with American cars, trucks and gas station, amazing location.

Just can’t wait to get on with it all.

To cap it all, its my 25th wedding anniversary in a few days, with a black tie dinner party with close friends and family. After this we are spending a week in the wilds of Wales in a beautiful house with 10 acres of grounds.

Is this as good as it gets?

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