Traditional Photography

I trained in the days of dark rooms and the smell of chemicals. I loved it!

Since digital, creative photography has been in the office in front of a screen, it’s never been the same since. I miss it.

Several years ago I rebuilt my darkroom and equipped it with all of the gear I couldn’t afford when it was the only way to get a print created. eBay has supplied me with a DeVere 504 enlarger, several thousand pounds 20 years ago, now just a couple of hundred.

My darkroom is superbly equipped now with 2 enlargers, processing tanks, trays, masking frames, print washers, print dryers, timers, the best enlarging lenders etc etc.

I can process and print from 35mm film, through all the medium format sizes to 5x4, the ultimate quality.

Also I have collected the best film cameras and repaired my 5x4 camera that I had kept unsized for 20 years.

Leica, Nikon, Toyo, Mamiya and Rollop are all on the collection.

Enjoying every minute of use.

Now I am offering the opportunity for people to experience a full day of traditional photography. Using any of the classic camera collection and processing to print in the one day.

At the start choose your camera, fill it with film, then out into the world to make images.

Back for lunch, then process the film, after it’s dry, print it, take your creations home.

All black and white film and paper up to 10x8 inches is included. A bargain price of £150.

All through the day one to one tuition, advice is given. Learn what to buy, how to create a darkroom, how to start.

A great opportunity to experience and learn theses wonderful old creative techniques. It’s an opportunity to be different.

Available in the store.

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Some of the cameras available and the process

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