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Trad Photography

£150.00 GBP

A whole day of training to use process and print black & white film, based in Co Durham.

Upon arrival select a camera from the following to use:

Toyo                              -  large format        5 x 4

Mamiya RB67 Pro SD - medium format   6 x 7

Rollop                            - medium format   6 x 6 twin lens reflex

Nikon F6                       - latest 35mm 

Nikon F4                       - the first Nikon auto-focus 35 mm

Nikon fm3a                  - the ultimate Nikon mechanical 35mm camera

Leica iiif                        - the 1953 classic 35mm rangefinder

We provide the film, then we shoot in the local area subjects available.

Next we process the film and while its drying, have lunch.

In the afternoon we produce contact prints and select which images to enlarge in our fully equipped darkroom up to 10 x 8.

All through the day you will get the information you need to start in film photography. From which camera to buy, to how to set up a permanent or temporary darkroom.

Robert has 30+ years of traditional photography experience which he would love to pass on.

The price includes all materials. All film and prints you create are yours to take away. We keep the camera.

Contact us to arrange a suitable date before buying. If you buy and we cannot arrange a suitable date you will get a full refund.

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